Dismantling Predictive Policing in Los Angeles: 2010–Today

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Starting Feb 2014

Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN), and community members speak out against the Los Angeles Police Department’s implementation and technology update regarding Predictive Policing.

March 2016 – The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition formally launches its Campaign against Predictive Policing in Los Angeles City

Jamie Garcia, coordinating team member within SLAPDSC, helps to facilitate this working group. Series of meetings and knowledge sharing sessions start occurring at LACAN which is located in the heart of Skid Row community.

May 2017 Coalition files CPRA (Public Records request) on LAPD Predictive Policing program Operation LASER.

The community members collectively wrote and authored public records request.

Feb 2018 Coalition files Public Records lawsuit against the LAPD for failure to respond to May 2017 CPRA request.

The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition works very closely with lawyer Collen Flynn to craft argument for why it is in the public good and interest to release requested documents

March 9, 2018 LAPD sends a Letter with a multitude of documents attempting to fulfill the May 2017 public records request after lawsuit is filed deeming lawsuit “mute”.

Coalition bypasses LAPD and sends a letter directly to the City Attorney and states that the lawsuit is still active and LAPD has not fulfilled the records request and completes a through document review of 1st batch of documents turned over that informs Coalition’s communication with the City Attorney.

May 2018 Coalition releases Community based report - "Before the Bullet Hits the Body: Dismantling Predictive Policing in Los Angeles" .

This 50 page report is submitted to the Board of Police Commissioner and Office of Inspector General with a letter demanding OIG to Audit Predpol and Operation LASER- LAPD’s two predictive policing programs.

June 14, 2018 LA City Attorney responds to Coalition Letter and sends more documents but continues to reject May 2017 request #9 for the release of all Chronic Offender Bulletins.

Coalitions effort builds to have Chronic Offender Database open.

July 2018 LA Police Commission holds Public Hearings on Data Driven Evidence Based Policing at City Hall.

Invites Coalition to present. Coalition demands the dismantlement of Predictive Policing and thorough audit by the Office of Inspector General. The Economist Magazine is present covering the hearing.

March 2019 LAPD Office of Inspector General (OIG) releases audit of LAPD Data Driven policing programs.

Audit also acknowledges that the OIG could not audit Predpol due to "discrepancies in records" and "unable to reconcile differences amongst various data sets." Community demands dismantlement of Predictive Policing. Community writes a 4 page People’s Response to Audit .

April 9, 2019 LAPD responds in writing to OIG Audit on Data Driven Policing and then publicly dismantles Operation LASER program and Chronic Offender Program.

Oct 15, 2019 LAPD continues to respond to OIG Audit with presentation to LA Police Commission and 7 page report.

Community draft another response against LAPD claims regarding OIG Audit. Commission kicks community out of public meeting and votes with no community present to continue Predpol. Over 450 Faculty members and students from campuses across the world sign a letter against Prof Jeff Brantingham's research on Predpol and other algorithm and location-based policing calling it "troubling legacies of anthropology and academia.

April 2020 LAPD announces discontinuation of Predpol.